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July 20, 2024 Hamilton County Veterans Corp Community Resource Fair



July 20, 2024

Noblesville Schools Community Center 1775 Field Dr, Noblesville, Indiana

July 20, 2024, the Hamilton County Veterans Corporation is hosting a county wide Resource Fair for our not only our Military, Veterans and their Families, but for everyone living in Hamilton County. We hope to reach as many of our Military/Veteran population as possible and we hope to encourage our whole community to stop in and see what we are doing here in Hamilton County. The more we learn about our neighbor’s issues, needs and the resources readily available to address those issues and needs, the more connected and stronger we will be as a community of friends helping friends/Veterans Serving Veterans. Of the 55 resource tables we had last year, 35 of them were common resources to help everyone.  This year, we will have 78 resource tables inside with more under the Hero Hut tent!! See the floor map and list of resources below.

Some of the Free Resources offered will include providers and outreach specialists from Federal VA Benefits, Roudebush VA Hospital, County Veteran Service Officers, Indiana Department of Veteran Affairs, Veterans Readiness and Employment, Military OneSource, Indiana WorkOne, County Health Department, City Health, Mental Health Wellness and Suicide Awareness, Housing, Homelessness, Insurance, Retirement, Legal, Financial, Faith Based, Education, Employment, Family Programs, HVAF of Indiana and so much more. Roudebush VA will be onsite to inform us about the PACT Act’s expansion of benefits and they will have teams there to register, enroll, perform toxic exposure screenings and  start filing claims for disability compensation!! PLUS,,,, Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans and the DAR will be onsite Honoring our Vietnam Veterans with a special gift, “A Time To Honor”. We will also have Indy Honor Flight onsite to sign up our Veterans to fly to DC to see their Memorials.

To simplify our guest’s entrance into the sea of vendor booths, we will have a floor map on the overhead screens showing where all our resources are located to address their needs. The ENTRANCE to the building is on the southside where we will have the Hero Hut tent and resources to greet our guests as they arrive. The front door facing the parking lot is the EXIT.

We will have Queso’s Mexican Restaurant food truck in the parking lot near the building for all to get some great food 11am till 3pm. Veterans who come visit our Hamilton County Veterans Corp booth will get a coupon for Queso’s, buy one meal get yours for $12 off – while coupons last…..

If any of our neighbors wish to help in future events or you want to become a part of the solution, please come to our Hamilton County Veterans Corp table to find out how you too may help build Stronger Veterans and Stronger Communities and become a member of the Hamilton County Veterans Corp. You may sign up on this website, fill out the  member form and select the Donate button to pay your dues. Or, you can come to our meetings on the first Monday of the month, 7pm at the Fishers American Legion 9091 E 126th St – we meet in the big American room – to sign up and pay your dues.

If you have any questions or if you or your company would like to sponsor the Hamilton County Veterans Corp so we may continue serving our Military Veteran community, please email [email protected] and [email protected] and we will get back to you.  SEE YA ALL THERE!!

Resource Vendors – those who we have received the registration form from, will be hearing from us in June to finalize everything for this awesome event!!

Last year, July 8, 2023, Oh what a day this was for Hamilton County!! We had around 250 guests throughout the day who came to get answers to their questions and issues and they were not disappointed. Our 55 resource vendors took care of their needs, answered their questions and assisted them in every way possible. We helped with housing, financial, insurance issues as well as introducing them to many other resources they didn’t know they were able to receive. Jill Fewell from Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans and the DAR presented 28 free gifts of “A Time To Honor” to our Vietnam Veterans, Gary Lawrence from the Indy Honor Flight was able to enroll 25 more Veterans to go to DC to see their Memorials and the Roudebush VA Hospital was able to file 65 new benefit claims as well as enroll many more into the VA system!! We thank our resources for their efforts to make this such a special day and we thank our guests who came to get their questions answered. And we thank our special guests who came to welcome our Military Veteran community, Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt, Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen, Brig Gen (Ret) Stewart Goodwin and Senator Youngs Regional Director Monica Bowles Kozlowski. Senator Braun couldn’t make it but he did write us a letter you can see below. So,,,, Yes, it was a great day for Hamilton County and we will do this again on July 13, 2024, same location. See y’all there!!

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