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Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life

As we make the choice to depart from our Military life and transition back to civilian life, sometimes we face challenges that we may need assistance with so we may make the correct decision. These links may have the answers we are looking for. Good luck and welcome home brother/sister!!

Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life

  • Military Separation Guide for Active Duty Personnel – An overview of what you should know before you leave the Military. It’s never too early to begin preparations for your separation from active military service. The Department of Defense (DoD) recommends that you start your planning at least 12 months prior to separation, and 24 months prior to retirement, from active duty. The DoD’s Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is is a vital resource to ensure that your separation/retirement choices are truly in your, and your family’s, best interests. Transition counselors and online tools provide special transition benefits information, employment workshops, automated employment job-hunting tools and job banks, veteran benefits information, disabled veterans benefits information, and many other types of transition and other related information.
  • How to Plan for Life After Discharge – A comprehensive guide for NEW Veterans, from what paperwork to keep, health considerations, what-where-how to move, preparing a resume, to finding employment and a social life.
  • Transition Into a New Job – These  steps will assist one in the transition phase as they try to find a new career as a civilian. Things to think about and check off as you step into your new career.
  • AirmanToMom – This site was written by Amanda, a 6 year Air Force Veteran who has transitioned to being a stay at home mom and Air Force wife. Her perspective on assisting women in the Military to transitioning to being a mom and military wife lends a new look for those women who might be struggling or interested in finding ways through the maze of the Military and transition back to civilian life.
  • Women Veteran Resources – Our Women Veteran Resources program connects women Veterans with appropriate resources to help them transition to civilian life after leaving the military, and to provide them with resources and tools to transition to civilian life and to continue to be leaders in their communities.

Disclaimer:The web sites listed above are not associated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by the Hamilton County Veterans Corp., or its Officers, and has no official or unofficial affiliation with the Hamilton County Veterans Corp., or its Officers, or its membership. This web page was created as a resource for the members of the Hamilton County Veterans Corp. as well as use by the general public

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