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Meeting Minutes

Hamilton County Veterans Corp Meeting Agenda

July 1st, 2024, 7pm Fishers American Legion Post 470, 9091 E 126th St

  • Pledge of Allegiance / Silent Prayer
  • Welcome Guests & New Members
    • Introductions of everyone –
      • New Members
  • Financial Report – Lynn
  • Sick Call – Ron

Our Meeting Today Is To Discuss Plans For Our July 20 Community Resource Fair        As we discuss the following topics, it is an open brain storming discussion, so speak out and let us know ideas so we can be sure to cover all our thoughts. If you do not make the meeting, speak your mind on this document and RETURN it to me so we may discuss them at the meeting Monday.

  • Bill talked with Hallie & Melissa about running a slide show on the 2 screens with information about the organizations, SVSC, IGC, HCVC etc. I will get info from resource vendors to put up as well. They have 3 picnic tables for outside use. Banners, signs can be hung on the fence north of the stadium from July 14 thru July 20.
  • Any ideas on how we can place banners, flags or signs at Grand Park, Bilericay Park, Ruoff, Conner Prairie, or any place where people gather – I have not done this yet.
  • Bill sent emails to all cities/townships to ask that they speak of our event at any local event they host until July 20… I also asked them to be there to visit their neighbors.
  • I have walked everywhere in Hamilton County – just finished Westfield today.
  • Queso’s will be serving food – Arturo said we do not need another truck. Bill created a coupon for a buy one get one for $12 off for the Veterans. As Veterans come to our booth, we will give them one coupon and it’s good for today’s lunch or at the restaurant 146th and Hazel Dell.
  • Different units of the VA will have 6 tables up front then take over 3 rooms inside where they will take people to for toxic screenings, PACT Act & COMPACT Act understanding, claims filing and signing up into the VA system, women Veterans, mental health and suicide prevention,,, etc
  • We will be tabling with David Hoffmaster of Hero Hut at these events:
    • Spark Fishers Sat June 29 1-9pm was good but wet, possibly a couple new members
    • Symphony on the Prairie Star Spangled Symphony – July 3-5 at Conner Prairie – we will see how it comes off or if weather stops it.
    • Jupiter Flights Hot Air Balloon Fest Conner Prairie Sept 6-7
    • Geist Half Marathon Sept 14
    • Headless Horseman Festival Conner Prairie – 2 nights TBD
    • Indy Fuel – winter dates
    • Hero Hut Community Nights – TBD
    • Hero Hut Fall Fest w/IDVA?
  • Bill is marketing the event in papers, magazines, TV,,,,, I will submit an article to them all to run after July 4th.
  • We need to plan to attend Legion, VFW meetings… to see if they need more flyers and get Fair Registration signed. Meetings are –
    • Bill has been to all Posts but Noblesville VFW meetings these past 2 months. We discussed our July 20 event and everything the HCVC has been doing in Hamilton County as well as the marketing of their Posts. We did get $2,000 from Fishers American Legion, $1,000 from Carmel VFW, $250 from Noblesville American Legion and $500 from the Navy Club Ship 29 Aux. No one has sent in their application and I know Noblesville VFW will not be coming and more than likely neither will Cicero or Sheridan American Legions.
      Money Needed for:

      • Building Rental            $   500
      • Pay to Hero Hut          $1,000.00 or ??
      • Printing Agenda          $   400  ??
      • Food                              $   600  ??
      • Tables, rentals            $   700  ??         maybe included in Hero Hut
      • Incidentals                  $   800  ??

      Money we have raised: $8,150.00

      • IDVA                          $500.00
      • IUHealth                $2,000.00
      • Fishers A.L.           $2,000.00
      • Starbucks              $2,000.00
      • Paid Vendors           $400.00
      • Noblesville Legion $250.00
      • Carmel VFW        $1,000.00

      Money we have spent:

      • Coins                              $1,191.00
      • Liability Insurance     $   119.92
      • Printing                       $1,264.00
      • Banners                       $  300.00

Money/ Grants we have applied for

      • Colts Kicking the Stigma for $8,000.00
  • Bill attended the June 7 630pm event/walk for Gun Safety at the Carmel gazebo which was a low turnout, June 14th Nancy Chance’s resource fair at the Fairgrounds which was better, made a few more resource connections.
  • Ron and Lynn are getting the Service Flags setup inside for our event – we can do that Friday after 10am.
  • Bugler Dave Bechtel will be at our event,,, At 10:45 Ron will talk with our Resource Vendors and thank them for being there. Then have a moment of silence and Dave will pay TAPS at the front door.
  • The Floorplan has 78 tables on the floor. I presently have 76 tables assigned with 4 I do not have an Application for and I have 8 waiting to get a table. I will probably put all our Service Organizations, Navy Club, American Legions (including Post 360) and VFW’s outside under the Hero Hut to welcome our guests. It will be an awesome opportunity for all our Service Organizations to meet David and start working together with Hero Hut in the future events. Marketing and exposure to the community = win, win
  • By July 5 I hope to have all tables assigned. Bill will create an agenda for the day and a floorplan showing where every resource will be located on the floor and under the Hero Hut tent.
  • Bill will send an agenda to every resource contact thanking them for coming
  • Bill will create a certificate thanking all resources by name to hand out to them at the fair before we leave. This will have our contact so they may come again next year.

Old Business for August Meeting

  • Ron – Update on Woody Williams Gold Star Memorial for Noblesville
  • Ron – the city of Noblesville is doing the Banners for Hometown Heroes, not the HCVC

New Business for August Meeting

  • Ron – mentioned a 5k walk “Hamilton County Veterans Corp Harvest Moon walk at Forest Park or Dillon Park on a Saturday evening to support the HCVC coming projects. Ask the PD and or cadets to help with any traffic needs and the Lions or Kiwanis to host a dog and coke booth??

Host a Bar B Brew outside or at some venue who caters to our Military Veteran community.

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