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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance for Veterans on home, auto, utilities, life….

  • Military Family Relief Fund (MFRF) – Offers emergency grants for Veteran and family members experiencing financial hardship. MFRF, administered by the Indiana Department of veterans Affairs, me be used to cover essential family expenses like: housing, utilities, food, current medical expenses and certain transportation costs. The maximum grant is $2,500.00.
  • Guide to Veterans Affairs Benefits & Loans – Following your time in the Military Service, Veterans are eligible for many benefits from the VA. Our guide walks you through the range of services and assistance offered to help Veterans transition to civilian life, including home buying assistance, disability benefits, and education. You can check out the whole thing here.
  • Service Members Civil Relief Act – Active duty U.S. military members are eligible to receive money saving financial relief and protections which cover many financial needs under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). Military personnel become eligible for SCRA benefits starting on the date when their active duty orders are received, and SCRA coverage usually terminates within 30 to 90 days after their date of discharge from active duty. SCRA only applies to Reservists and members of the National Guard when they’re serving on active duty orders. Financial relief under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is available to active duty members of all the Uniformed Services branches as well as their spouses and children. This website, at fully explains the SCRA protections and this site, breaks down some of our financial institutions best practices for Credit Card interest rate breaks and reduced fees.
  • The DOD’s Office of Financial Readiness Program – Has Personal Finance Counselors (PFC’s) around the country to help you and your family manage finances, resolve financial problems and reach long-term goals such as getting an education, buying a home and planning for retirement. From counseling and support to training workshops, contact one of these local PFC’s: Indianapolis – Mark Fiddler 616-204-3064, [email protected] ; Camp Atterbury – Amy Bayliff 317-385-2730, [email protected] ; South Bend – Millicent Holmes 574-302-9280, [email protected] ; Evansville – Fred Shultz 812-202-0140, [email protected] .
  • Financial Benefits of a Military Career The financial benefits of being in the military include many different categories. You can receive benefits in your taxes, to pay for your education, to cover housing expense and to help you save more effectively. Are you using these to the fullest extent? This guide will help you see all of these potential financial benefits at a glance, and dig a little deeper into how you can use them to make the most out of your military career.
  • Financial Assistance for Military and Veteran Families lists many different links to sites where one can get assistance for all sorts of things from Autism to auto repair, ball gowns, children’s clothing, dentistry, education, food, furniture and so much more.
  • Fiscal – Their site has many pages that will direct a Veteran and their family through all fiscal thoughts/activities from before, during and after your Military life. Check them out!!
  • Debt Reduction Services – Is a nonprofit debt management and credit counseling organization that will help improve your financial well-being. They assist in negotiating with creditors, consolidate credit bills, lower interest rates, stop collection calls and build a realistic budget to help you pay off your debt quicker. To reach their local office use their US contact map under ‘About Us’ then ‘Contact’ and ‘Local Branch Listings’.
  • National Debt Relief – Financial Support for Veterans In Debt offers assistance through VA Debt Relief programs, banking options, credit card assistance, homeless and housing concerns and so much more.
  • Retirement & Financial Security for Veterans – Our Military and Veterans often struggle to find financial balance and security. This website lists many reasons for this and links to several sites which might be able to assist. While this website does not aim to provide any direct financial advice, it does aspire to share resources to connect veterans and their loved ones with professionals who can provide assistance or helpful information. It also might help introduce the names of some programs and services to guide which you are not aware of for our Military and Veterans who need financial assistance.
  • Veterans Guide to Retirement Savings and Investments – The guide aims to help veterans prepare for retirement and future financial support for themselves and their families. We’ve also included a full explanation of federal military retirement plans, saving plans, as well as your options for traditional retirement accounts and other investment options available to veterans. Retirement should not be a stressful process, and by sharing this link with you, we hope we can help alleviate this stress from our veterans.
  • Auto Loans Guide and Car Buying for Veterans – Veterans may be eligible for special financing and discounts when it comes to car loans and other fees associated with car ownership. These discounts can help make buying a new car more accessible to recently discharged veterans or active duty service members.
  • Military Life Insurance can look different from a traditional policy but don’t let that deter you from having the life insurance you need for your family needs. Use this article to see how best to fit your needs, term or whole life, etc.
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