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Employment, Resumes & Interviews

These links will take you to those who will assist you in writing resumes and doing interviews to land the career of your dreams.

Military Social Workers – If you or anyone else you know is interested in really helping our Military, Veterans and their Families, please look into becoming a Military Social Worker. Here is a website for you to start or to continue your training.

  • Online Military Social Work Programs – This is a comprehensive directory of accredited online Military social work programs (MSW). In this guide to the Best Online MSW Programs we cover all aspects and positions of taking on this very heart warming career of helping others. We list links to Online Social Work Degrees, we list the schools by state and by name, we cover the steps and list the resources in how to become a Military Social Worker.

Resume Writing

  • Resume for Those Over 50 – How to apply for a job when you’re over 50 and avoid age discrimination. We take you  from writing the resume to the interview and more.
  • Practical Resume Advice for Military Veterans – Switching careers takes courage. And veterans know a thing or two about courage. But when military personnel finish serving their country and look to re-enter civilian life, they need more than just strong nerves to make the transition to a new career. Finding a job demands practical strategies. For veterans, the struggle is often aligning the skills and experiences they’ve gained in the military with the types of jobs that exist outside the military. On top of that, long-serving veterans don’t have a lot of experience with resume writing. Not to worry. This post is all about helping those that have served in the armed forces create resumes as they seek out civilian positions.
  • Job Hunting and Resume Tips for Veterans –  In this article, we will delve into some of the most popular and suitable careers for ex-military job seekers and provide some insightful tips to help your military past work to your advantage in resumes, applications, and interviews. Click HERE are over 4,000 resumes for you to use as an example.
  • Job Hero is where you go to professionally write your resume and cover letter to open the door to your new future. With a builder program based on your job want to examples, you will be in your new dream job in a snap.

Employment Training & Job Opportunities

  • Hire Heroes – We offer free services to military members, Veterans and military spouses so you may succeed in civilian life. Please register online for our services which include:
    • Career Coaching
    • Resume writing
    • Mock Interviews/ Mentorships
    • Job Sourcing/ Job Board listing available jobs
    • Career Events
  • Is an awesome site created by a Combat Veteran. We are a small, experienced team who have direct pipelines to a wide range of jobs available within the defense and private security industry as well as unique corporate security job opportunities. We also frequently have jobs that pop up for immediate fill all around the world. Besides the fact that job seekers never pay to apply for jobs, we personally vet each job and each candidate and match the right person for the right job at the right time. We talk directly to the decision-makers who make the call on hiring and they lean on our team to advise them. If you’re a job seeker, register as a candidate in our system. If you’re a company searching for highly dedicated and disciplined professionals, then we are here to help you connect with the very best.
  • Helping Veterans And Families – HVAF of Indiana, Inc. is dedicated to eliminating homelessness for veterans and families. HVAF provides supportive, structured housing to Indiana veterans with the assistance necessary to ensure successful independent living in the community through prevention, education, employment services, supportive services and advocacy.
  • Easter Seals Crossroads Right here in Indianapolis, 4740 Kingsway Drive, works under an HVRP grant provided through the Department of Labor. We provide personalized assistance with resume’ building, interviewing skills, networking, and other job search skills. We connect the Veteran directly with the employer and help them sustain this position. We help veterans thrive!
  • How to Become a Police Officer – If you are interested in becoming a police officer, you will need to learn about the requirements for becoming one and the process you will need to follow. How to Become a Police Officer provides important information for prospective cops, including the comprehensive steps for becoming a police officer and the specific requirements of each state and major US city. We also offer information on the best educational paths leading to a law enforcement career, the various career possibilities within policing, extensive salary information, expert law enforcement advice, and a job tool to find police jobs in your area.
  • Velvet Jobs has put together a Veterans Resource that lists the more important steps to help one re-enter the civilian job market. This includes job searching, resume writing, networking, interview tips, career advice for injured Veterans and other helpful tip as well as links to other sites that will assist you in find a new career.
  • Department of Workforce Development DWD website is full of resources for job seekers and businesses looking for the right person. They connect people and employers through engagement with continued transparency and accountability, while celebrating, valuing and prioritizing equity, inclusion and diversity. At the heart of DWD is WorkOne. There are 11 regions in Indiana and here is a MAP showing those regions and who to contact for local assistance. At the center is of this map is WorkOne Central which is dedicated to our Veterans and spouses in the 8 counties surrounding Marion County.
  • Indiana Career Connect, powered by WorkOne, will review your application to ensure you have listed all your skills gained through your Military service. You’ll have access to job leads and applications, get labor market information that includes pay ranges and job trends, put together a resume, and find out about other community resources available to you.
  • Operation Job Ready Veterans Operation: Job Ready Veterans (OJRV) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preparing veterans for successful employment by connecting them with employers that seek top quality, well trained men and women for their workforce. We make a personal connection and assist veterans of all ability levels with their employment and career goals. OJRV’s long term goal is to ensure that every Hoosier veteran that wants a job, gets a job.
  • US Dept of Labor VETS – Veterans Employment and Training Service Programs – We provide resources and expertise to assist and prepare Veterans and Military in obtaining meaningful careers, maximize their employment opportunities and protect their employment rights. They even list State Grants that are available. The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) has been made available to all Military, Veterans and their spouses.
  • Homeless & ReEntry Helpers (HRH’s) and Helpers Helping Others Outreach Team (HHOOT) work together to bring businesses, government, volunteers, street outreach, street ministries & service providers together to better serve our homeless, seniors, Veterans, offenders and ex-offenders. Anyone in need is encouraged to contact one of HRH’s Support Coaches Monday thru Friday from 10am to 4pm at 916 E. Michigan St. in Indy or call for an appointment 317-635-0500. Where anyone in need can get a hot meal, clothing & personal hygiene items. Click HERE to see all their links for Jobs, Housing, Education & Government Listings.
  • is a U.S. Office of Personnel Managements Government-wide Veterans Employment Website. Since the establishment of the Veterans Employment Initiative, the Federal Government has led the charge to honor your service promoting opportunities for you and your family to continue your service to this great nation as Federal civilian employees. We recognize those who have served in our Armed Forces often have the experience, skills, and dedication necessary to achieve success as members of our civilian workforce, and it is critical that we harness that talent. Your past military training, special skills, unique experiences, and leadership abilities could make you an ideal candidate for our team! We are confident veterans, transitioning service members, and their families will find this site to be the one-stop resource to assist in finding a Federal career.
  • is a U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Government-wide Veterans Employment Website. Here one may search for jobs by title, department, agency, series, occupation and do so by city, state, zip code or country. You may sign in and create a profile, upload your resume and make it searchable and apply for jobs – once your profile is complete and online. They also explain the hiring paths for several departments and types of individuals applying for a job – Federal employees, peace corps, Veterans, Military Spouses, students and recent grads, national guard, senior executives, individuals with disabilities, native Americans, etc….
  • Jobs 2 Careers – A search engine that features millions of jobs from most major search engines. We also have resources and advice for job seakers, college students and businesses
  • Indeed –  Provides free access in one search to thousands of jobs from job boards, newspapers and company websites.
  • Indiana Job Network – Lists the available jobs in your selected region/city. Select the city you wish to search and go to work!!
  • ZipRecruiter Veterans page is designed to help our Veterans find jobs quickly. We are the top job resource site with a smart algorithm designed to help our users get matched with the best job with one single click. We notify job seekers right away it their resume gets looked at, which sets us apart from the other sites.
  • is the complete career expert site from education to landing the job. This link goes to the most comprehensive workplace resource for Veterans. Zippia is a site for job seekers who want to empower their career aspirations with knowledgeable data.
  • Engineering Career Resources – Fairview Microwave’s Guide on engineering careers for Veterans is full on information on which degree is right for you, internships that are offered, getting engineering certificates and licenses plus many other resources.
  • IT Careers for Veterans – Is a resource full of information for those transitioning from Military Service to an IT career. Loads of information on the skills/training and certifications needed to secure that lifelong position.
  • National Initiative for Cyber Security Careers & Studies is a website dedicated to Veterans interested in using their security clearance to get into the cybersecurity  profession. Our nation needs cybersecurity professionals in every sector and every region. These resources are being offered by the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS).
  • Here are two other great sites that will help guide you into a nice lucrative career in Cyber Security:
    • LionFish Cyber Security – is a Veteran owned company based in Indianapolis.
    • Their site has a guide for Veterans to use in acquiring a job in this high demand profession.
    • Cyber Security Education & Training for Veterans is for Veterans who worked in IT while serving. This guide is intended to assist Veterans gain qualifications and education to help transition into civilian life with a secure and rewarding career. This was put together by the Univ of North Dakota.
  • Helmets to Hardhats – Where you can find the fastest way to transition from Military to a Construction career.
  • Veterans Transportation Career Guide – Many of our Veterans have transitioned into lucrative trucking industry careers and are flourishing as they continue to serve the US by delivering the goods. Use this guide for ideas on how you too may excel in this field, whether it be driving or maintenance.
  • Guide for Careers in Trucking – Helps Veterans find success in the trucking industry from becoming a freight driver, trucking education, skills and certification crossover to starting your own trucking business.
  • Guide for Freelancing Jobs for Veterans – Our guide is for veterans who might be interested in freelancing jobs. It covers the differences between freelancing, contract work, and full-time or part-time employment. The article also details pros and cons of freelancing, as well as tips and online resources for finding work.

Starting a Small Business

  • Small Business Admin – SBA’s Veterans Business Outreach Center is a site to get answers and help when you want to start your own business. The SBA site has links to many programs to assist you in several areas. Check them out!
  • Veterans Guide to Choosing a Trade Career – The skilled trades offer a work environment that many Veterans like along with steady and reliable pay. This guide helps one decide which trade fits with their personal skills, it offers help transitioning to civilian life, helps one setup a trade school and helps you with job opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Guide for a Veteran Starting a Retail Business – Our guide is for veterans looking to start their own business.  It contains steps for opening a business like startup costs and funding, determining a legal structure, acquiring insurance, and establishing a supply chain. The article also details joining a franchise, technology for your business, and different types of marketing.
  • Resources for Female Veterans Starting a Business – As a female veteran, you have plenty of qualities that make you a great candidate for business ownership. You’re disciplined, motivated, and capable of handling challenging situations. However, starting your own business can still be daunting with women underrepresented in entrepreneurship. We will take you through some of the biggest hurdles and help you start your dream business.
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