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We hope the Tabs on the left of our pages which link to many helpful Veterans websites will be useful. We have searched the internet over the years and have had feedback from local Veterans who have had occasion to frequent these sites and found them to be helpful. If you find other sites to be useful please let Me know at webmaster@hamiltoncountyveterans.com . We will be adding more links as we find those who are worthy.

The Following Links are Websites with Across the Board Information on Several Veterans Benefits - The list of Button Links on the left side of our pages have more specific information based on the topics of the Button.

  • Military/Veteran ID Card - This site is where you go to request a Veteran ID Card (VIC). You will need a picture of a Gov ID card (drivers license) and a self portrait to submit when you fill out the form. To get on the vets.gov website you will need to login with an ID.me sign-in or MyHealthsVet or DS login. You can create an IDme account right on the page.
  • Military OneSource from the Department of Defense is your 24/7 gateway to trusted information, resources and confidential help. When MilLife happens, it’s your “first line of support€” giving service members and military families tools to stay well and thrive. We are your 24/7 connection to information, answers and support to help you reach your goals, overcome challenges and thrive. As a member of our military family you are eligible to use this Department of Defense-funded program anytime, anywhere. Turn to Military OneSource for tax services, spouse employment help, webinars and online training, relocation and deployment tools, and much more. Learn about some of the ways we serve you. PVA will use that expertise to be the leading advocate for:
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America, a congressionally chartered veterans service organization founded in 1946, has developed a unique expertise on a wide variety of issues involving the special needs of our members veterans of the armed forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction.
  • SaluteHeroes has a comprehensive list of Veteran & Family resources broken down into categories. Check it out.
  • Help for American Veterans - https://householdquotes.co.uk/veterans/ covers everything from Financial, Debt, Housing, Education, Employment, Benefit Entitlement, Services & Compensation to Mental Health concerns for our Veterans. Some of their links are also listed on the pages linked to the buttons to the left here.
  • Aging Veterans How to Plan Wisely for Your Future is an interesting page posted by One Reverse Mortgage and it has many links covering Housing Services, Medical Care, Investment Benefits and Appealing a VA Decision. - https://www.onereversemortgage.com/blog/2017/06/aging-veterans-how-to-plan-wisely-for-your-future/
  • The IDVA Event Sponsor Program (ESP) - is dedicated to providing sponsorship dollars for Veteran-oriented events across the state. The ESP will provide up to $500 in sponsorship money for an event the applicant is hosting. The goal is to provide funds to ensure a local non-profit can host their event or to enable them to enhance their event. The organization must have an established plan, committee and mission, one that focuses on bringing services, resources and/or benefits to Indiana’s Veteran community. IDVA will provide our resources to help advertise your event and would like to have the opportunity to attend the event to promote state and federal veteran benefits and the statewide network of County Veteran Service Officers (CVSO). Any non-profit can apply for the ESP. The specific event associated with the application must be honoring or celebrating the Indiana Veteran community. Complete the application on this site to apply for $500.00.
  • The Movie Guide for Veterans - this guide lists movies with the Veteran in mind. If you want to have a movie night, this is the ultimate list.....


Indy Honor Flight - There is no better feeling than to help the Indy Honor Flight system bring joy to our Veterans as they fly them to Washington, DC to visit their Memorials. Whether it’s through volunteering to help in the process or donating money or even better yet to become a Guardian for a Veteran on his wonderful journey. It is one you will never ever forget!!

 IHF_Logo_Round_175      Indy_Honor_Flt_VetVeteran Application

                                          Indy_Honor_Flt_GuardianGuardian Application

If anyone is looking to make a difference in the life of a Veteran, there is no better time or organization to donate to than the Indy Honor Flight. When you hear a 90 plus year old Veteran say, “This was the best day of my life”, you know they are doing it right. The Honor Flight takes our WWII, Korean & Vietnam Veterans to Washington D.C. for one day, a very long day, to see their Memorials and Monuments. We are loosing our War Veterans as each day passes so again, there is no better time to make that donation. For each Veteran who is transported to DC there is a guardian who is at their side for each and every moment of their day. So please go to their website and see all the good that they do for our Heroes,,,, better yet, sign up and be a guardian for a Veteran because it will be the best day of your life also. I know, I have done it twice!!

If you know of a Veteran who would like to be on an Indy Honor Flight, click on the Veteran Application above and fill out the form. If you would like to be a Guardian, select the Guardian Form above and fill it out - don’t forget to send them in....

There’s another Honor Flight Network in Evansville, Indiana. Please use the forms listed on their website for the Veteran and Guardian. Their Veteran & Guardian forms are under the purple “Fill Out Application” button.



Disclaimer:The web sites listed above are not associated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by the Hamilton County Veterans Corp., or its Officers, and has no official or unofficial affiliation with the Hamilton County Veterans Corp., or its Officers, or its membership. This web page was created as a resource for the members of the Hamilton County Veterans Corp. as well as use by the general public

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