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Veteran Shopping Discounts


Military/Veteran Base Exchange & VA Shopping

  • Shop My Exchange - These are items the Base Exchanges normally carry on local bases which you now may purchase online tax free. Every dollar spent helps support our Military community. One needs to prove your honorable discharge  or active Military to sign up and shop.
  • Shop Veterans Canteen Service (VCS) - Created by the Dept of Veterans Affairs in 1946 to provide merchandise and services at reasonable prices to Veterans enrolled in VA healthcare, their families, VA employees and caretakers. You can shop online at discounted prices (not all are better than what you might find locally but it’s always best to check here first). You can even find sporting event tickets discounted on this site!! One needs to prove you are signed up in VA Healthcare to be approved for online shopping.

Military/Veteran Discounts

  • Auto Insurance Discounts for Military/Veterans - This site will cover many questions about auto insurance, discounts, saving money and what to do with your car when you are deployed.
  • Military Discount Finder - DealAid.org has a different way to find Veterans discounts as you do not have to search a list of vendors to find a discount. You go to the link for the Military Discount Finder https://dealaid.org/tools/military-discount-finder/, go to the bottom of the page, click on “Get It” to add their extension to your Chrome browser. As you search online for company websites who offer a Veteran discount, it will automatically post the Veterans discount in the upper left corner of the Chrome Browser for you to click on to do your shopping. Under “Tools” you can even add links to Senior or Student discounts.
  • Military/Veteran Discounts presents the latest discount information in a searchable format for you to easily find places who offer our Veterans discounts from stores, for services and online sites.
  • Deals & Discounts for Veterans. A different list with information on benefits and acquiring a Veteran ID Card (VIC).
  • 145 Best Military/Veteran Discounts for 2019 lists many discount deals for our Veterans which you may search by category.
  • Military & Veteran Discount Guide - the ultimate list of stores offering discounts for our Veterans and Military families.
  • Celebrity Cruises Military Discounts - If you are thinking about a cruise, check Celebrity Cruises to see their discounts and compare the different Cruise Lines when you are ready to cruise to be sure you land the best deal.
  • Top 100 Military Discounts - Lists the top 100 businesses offering Military Discounts.

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