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Helping Veterans Own Homes, Get Financial Assistance & Military Discounts

Links to sites where our Military and Veterans can get financial assistance and help in acquiring and keeping their homes.

Non-Profits Who Assist Veterans Buying A Home or Keeping One

  • Homes 4 Wounded Warriors - Military Warriors Support Foundation awards mortgage-free homes to wounded Heroes injured during combat in Iraq & Afghanistan. They also offer mortgage free homes to Gold Star Spouses. The homes are for families who have severe and/or unique circumstances due to their injuries received while serving our Country. In addition to their new home they will receive 3 years of family and financial mentoring!!
  • Heroes Among Us - If you are looking to buy or sell your home and would like your closing costs paid for, this is where you need to go. All American Legion Members qualify... We are humbled by those who have served our country and wish to express our gratitude by offering this program so you may achieve the dream of home ownership. Please contact Lindsey Porter lindsey.porter@kw.com or call 317-385-6053 to find out more. They will also help you sign up to be an American Legion Member if you are not already one. Here is their flyer.
  • Homes for Heroes - Is how our Military, Veterans, First Responders, Healthcare Workers and Teachers may save money when buying or selling their home. You just need to work with a Homes for Heroes real estate specialist to save $$. It is our way of saying ”Thank You” to our Heroes.
  • Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation - HVAF of Indiana, Inc., a United Way non-profit organization, is dedicated to eliminating homelessness for veterans and families through prevention, education, employment services, supportive services and advocacy. HVAF provides supportive, structured housing to Indiana veterans with the assistance necessary to ensure successful independent living in the community.

Financial Assistance for Veterans

  • Service Members Civil Relief Act - Active duty U.S. military members are eligible to receive money saving financial relief and protections which cover many financial needs under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). Military personnel become eligible for SCRA benefits starting on the date when their active duty orders are received, and SCRA coverage usually terminates within 30 to 90 days after their date of discharge from active duty. SCRA only applies to Reservists and members of the National Guard when they’re serving on active duty orders. Financial relief under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is available to active duty members of all the Uniformed Services branches as well as their spouses and children. This website, at https://militarybenefits.info/servicemembers-civil-relief-act-benefits fully explains the SCRA protections and this site, https://millionmilesecrets.com/guides/servicemembers-civil-relief-act-credit-cards/ breaks down some of our financial institutions best practices for Credit Card interest rate breaks and reduced fees.
  • Financial Benefits of a Military Career The financial benefits of being in the military include many different categories. You can receive benefits in your taxes, to pay for your education, to cover housing expense and to help you save more effectively. Are you using these to the fullest extent? This guide will help you see all of these potential financial benefits at a glance, and dig a little deeper into how you can use them to make the most out of your military career.
  • Financial Assistance for Military and Veteran Families lists many different links to sites where one can get assistance for all sorts of things from Autism to auto repair, ball gowns, children's clothing, dentistry, education, food, furniture and so much more.
  • Fiscal Tiger.com - Their site has many pages that will direct a Veteran and their family through all fiscal thoughts/activities from before, during and after your Military life. Check them out!!

Home Modifications & Assistive Technology for Disabled Veterans

  • Home Modifications and Assistive Technology for Disabled Military Veterans This guide offers a comprehensive overview of the most common disabilities that military personnel acquire, and offers ideas and available resources for modifications and adaptive technology equipment that can help them adjust and reestablish their home life, career, and future. This guide also provides information on available financial assistance, and additional resources for service members and their families.

Home Mortgage Companies

  • VA Loans A report researched by US News and World Reports covers all aspects of the VA loan. It covers how a VA loan works, advantages, disadvantages, how to apply and how to choose the best VA Lender including a Lists of the best VA Mortgage Lenders of 2018.
  • Reverse Mortgage Loans as an option for Veterans Veterans looking to have a little more money as they work their way into retirement may want to look at this option. The HECM reverse mortgage loan was introduced over 30 years ago to provide seniors with a secure financial tool for retirement. But how does it stack up against a home lending tool like the VA Loan, which you may be more familiar with from your original, traditional mortgage? As we will explore, a reverse mortgage loan, while different from what you may be used to, is a compelling tool for veterans.
  • Retirement Living Center has done the research and found the 3 best Reverse Mortgage Companies for 2017 as well as listing several tips one could use in making the right decisions. Look their website over if you are looking for ideas on how to setup a reverse mortgage.
  • Home Loans For All is a comprehensive site fully explaining VA Home Loans. For specific info on VA Home Loans in Hamilton County, go HERE.
  • Help for American Veterans - https://householdquotes.co.uk/veterans/ covers everything from Financial, Debt, Housing, Education, Employment, Benefit Entitlement, Services & Compensation to Mental Health concerns for our Veterans.
  • One Reverse Mortgage - This website assists our Veterans with several housing services like VA home loans, housing assistance for homeless Veterans, loan delinquency, foreclosure and housing programs. It also has many good links for Medical Care, Investments and Miscellaneous Benefits as well as Appealing a VA Decision. Check them out!!

Options Finding a Home or Storage Location & Understanding Your Rights When Relocating

  • Moving Options is here to help you when it’s time to relocate. One of the best and worst parts of being in a military family is seeing and living all over the world. While you get to experience different places and cultures quite often, you also have to endure the moving process more than you’d like to. Fortunately, there are companies out there to help you with this move as much as possible and we have listed them on our pages for you to use.
  • Rent To Own Labs is a site to help you get the right home in the location you want and you will rent to own it. Purchasing a home is complicated if you are in the military. It is hard to make a long-term commitment to living in one area when you are unsure if you will be reassigned down the line. That’s why most bases include areas where housing is simple and easy to rent short-term. However, many of those in the military find it aggravating to spend money on rent that could be invested into owning a home. Money from your Basic Allowance for housing and money that you earn working hard should not line a landlord’s pockets. Instead, the money should contribute toward your future! Checkout their site for more answers.
  • Residential Leases and the Military - Understanding your rights as a Service Member - If you're facing one of these situations, and you are not at the end of your existing lease, you need to understand your options so you know how to best proceed. A lease is a legally binding contract, and without the right protections in place, you could end up in serious legal trouble by walking away. This guide will help you understand the law surrounding leases and how it affects you as a member of the military. It will also help you understand what your options are if you have to break your lease because of your military service.
  • Your Storage Finder.com has a Guide to Moving & Storage that will walk you through the basic thoughts one needs to assess prior to your next Military move.
  • Guide to Moving & Storage in the Military - Military families move 2.5 times more than a civilian family and this site can help you with the process of your next move.

  Military/Veteran Discounts

  • Military/Veteran Discounts presents the latest discount information in a searchable format for you to easily find places who offer our Veterans discounts from stores, for services and online sites.
  • Deals & Discounts for Veterans. A different list with information on benefits and acquiring a Veteran ID Card (VIC).
  • AllConnect 2018 Military Discounts lists many discount deals for our Veterans which you may search by state or category. 

Disclaimer:The web sites listed above are not associated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by the Hamilton County Veterans Corp., or its Officers, and has no official or unofficial affiliation with the Hamilton County Veterans Corp., or its Officers, or its membership. This web page was created as a resource for the members of the Hamilton County Veterans Corp. as well as use by the general public

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