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Gulf War Illness is yet another US Government cover up to hide their mistakes in War!! Their mistakes have taken so many of our sons and daughters lives that it’s almost worse than going to war itself. From WWI and mustard gas to WWII and the undisclosed treatment of our soldiers in the nuclear tests, to Korea and Vietnam with the spraying of Agent Orange and now in the Gulf Wars with the secret or “Classified” immunizations for biological agents, specifically bio-toxins that were not disclosed by the VA. These vaccines along with the insect repellent and the many other agents they went through in country during these Wars are taking a toll on our Veterans and their families and yet our government is covering it up by saying it’s a mental issue so they prescribe drugs which increases their suicide rates!!

Gulf War Illness is real and it zaps the life out of those affected. They experience excruciating joint and muscle pain, debilitating fatigue and gastrointestinal problems, rashes, respiratory issues, migraines and other illnesses during and soon after deployment. Initially the government wrote it off to stress and then mental issues, but these issues are real and we need our Government to once in for all stand up and be accountable and responsible for these issues and start taking care of our men and women who stand up and fight for our Freedoms!

I ask that you start writing your congressmen and house representatives asking them to please look into this and ask our VA to do what should have been done 25 years ago, hell over 100 years ago - TAKE CARE OF OUR VETERANS!!!!

Here is an article in the American Legion Magazine that helps explain it https://www.legion.org/magazine/235290/nothing-wrong-you

Here is a link to a website to help those who served in the Gulf War - Illness Health and News www.91outcomes.com

Here are several links to resources for Gulf War Veterans;


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